The Vuilhond is a bespoke blend of the finest batches of brandy. Pure and refined, featuring notes of dried apricot and butterscotch on the nose and complimented by exceptional smoothness and a long finish. The perfect brandy for your favourite mixer and the ideal base for a trending brandy cocktail.


Leatherback Rum is made in a batch process using a double retort: The only one in South Africa, this potstill configuration is typically used in Jamaica and yields high ester rum full of character and flavour:
Ideal for Long periods of maturation.

The Maputoland coast lies just south of Mozambique.
Female Leatherback Turtles return here after wandering
thousands of ocean miles to lay their eggs at the exact same
beach they left as hatchlings.
A true example of never forsaking ones roots.


Vuilhond Spiced Caramel Vanilla Liqueur Shot 20ml will cause an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Be brave and try a exciting
ice cold Vuilhond shot.


Drunken Munkey Spiced Spirit on Tap is Crafted from a top Quality Spiced Rum with our own secret Raspberry Flavoured Mixer to give you the feeling of being on the beach in Mozambique.

Drunken Munkey on Tap is served in our 380ml branded glassware filled with ice.

Dirty Dog Keg

Dirty Dog Pink Gin & Tonic is crafted from a Premium Gin with Tonic with a dash of sassyness.

Clients serve Dirty Dog Ping G&T in different glassware to fit their on style and personality.

 Munkey Keg

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Vuilhond Keg

Vuilhond Brannewyn on Tap is handcrafted by mixing our bespoke 3 year old brandy with Coke.

Vuilhond Brannewyn on Tap is served in our 500ml branded glassware filled with ice.
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