About Us

Three Dogs Trading (Pty) Ltd

Three Dogs Trading (Pty) Ltd is the brainchild of our founder and managing director, Andre Hugo, and was established in 2017 by selling the first keg of Brandy and Coke from the boot of his car to a restaurant in Langebaan.

From humble beginnings, we grew into a company that has a national footprint in both the on- and off-consumption trade. Our brand portfolio expanded from only brandy and coke on tap to having four products on tap and three products available in the retail environment.

Our national footprint is managed from our head office and manufacturing plant in Darling in the Western Cape, and products are shipped from there to our distribution hubs and partners across the country.

Our ever-growing footprint is fueled by our passionate sales team that focuses on giving customers and consumers personalized service.

Next time you're at your local watering hole or just having a braai, treat yourself to a Vuilhond Brannewyn or Drunken Munkey Rum and Raspberry, but most importantly… #gedrajouself.


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Happy Clients

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